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Psalm 31
Vocal solo, with assembly, Sacred (2006)
This recording:

Solo: Stephanie Sulzbach
Piano: Julie Lindorff
Have pity on me, Lord, for I am in deep need;
My eyes weaken with tears, and my body chills with grief.

Have pity on me, O Lord.

My life has known sorrow, my years have seen despair;
My body fades away, weak to its bones.

My life has known sorrow.

With enemies everywhere, I am reviled.
Every face turns and flees from me.

My enemies everywhere.

I am like the dead: forgotten, thrown away
Like broken shards, without any use.

Forgotten, like the dead.

But I have trust in you, O Lord.
You are my God, and my life is ever yours.

My life is ever yours.

Deliver me from my sorrows.
Shine your face upon your servant.
Save me in your boundless love.

O save me in your boundless love.