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One of Those Nights
Pop song, Demo (1997), from New Day
I've tasted your bitterness
I've tasted your wine
You multiflavored personality
Jumps into mine

You've been my enemy
You've turned me loose
And when I try to run away
You still seduce

And it's one of those nights in the city
When you're dangerous, distant, cunning and cold
Yes it's one of those nights in the city
Where you're just like a woman
Just like the woman
I'd long to hold

You never smile at me
There'd be no point
You dance around and flirt with sparkling eyes
That don't disappoint
You'd save my sanity
If you had the choice
Then you'd whisper soft banalities
Without a voice


You're bitter in summer
Dusty in fall
Quiet in springtime
But best when you're nothing at all

I'll never love you
In ways I'd admit
I tried it on a long, long time ago
It didn't fit