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Draw Nigh
Sacred, Choral, 2-part choir, flute, accompanied, Advent/Xmas (1995)
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Choir/Flute version 
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Temple Baptist Church Choir
Christine Hazel, Conducting
Hila Dipman, Accompanist

Recorded at Temple Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
December 24, 1995
This recording:

Studio demo
And so then to a lowly manger,
just barely sheltered from the sky,
where not a whisper can be heard
yet starlight sings a lullaby,
shall we draw nigh?

And to the place where angels lead us,
with Kings and shepherds standing by,
where all the creatures of the earth
bow down and worship with a sigh,
shall we draw nigh?

What is it that I have to offer?
What precious treasure shall I bring?
I have no innocence,
I have no confidence
to look upon a King

But still then to a humble cradle,
wherein the hopes of all now lie,
and bringing only what we have:
a simple promise to abide,
shall we draw nigh