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Pop song, Demo (1994), from The China Box
Sometimes when the world runs down
I get quiet
Standing on the sandy ground
With my back against the veil of sound
You may see your own reflection
Deep within my eyes
When I'm quiet

Sometimes when the talkers talk
I get quiet
Caught up in a mental block
With my body in a state of shock
You may think your wheels are turning
You may be surprised
When I'm quiet

All I want is just a little...
All I need is just a little...
Or maybe I'm wrong

Sometimes when the world caves in
I get quiet
Skating on an ice so thin
That there's never time to shoot to win
You may think your aim is perfect
You may think you're wise
When I'm quiet


Sometimes on a single note
I get quiet
Were those really words I wrote?
Did a single thought succeed to float?
You may think your lifeboat's waiting
But you may be capsized
When I'm quiet