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House of Cards
(1994), from New Day
Don't let the wind blow air through the door
And don't let the rain get wet on the floor
Suffer the grass that grows in the yards
But don't lay a hand on this house of cards

Don't let the sun put light in your eyes
And don't let the blues detract from your skies
Die by the glass, or live by the shards
But don't even breathe near this house of cards

Menacing air, dangerous breeze
Terminal cough, poisonous sneeze

Don't let the wish confirm your delight
And don't let the wrong give in to the right
Banish the softs and worship the hards
And never exhale on this house of cards

Don't let this tale sway your belief
Don't let the days reveal your relief
Skip all the nears, and covet the fars
And add a new floor to this house of cards