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I've Got, You've Got
Pop song, Demo (1987), from The Promise
I've got, you've got
I've got what's mine
You've got, I want
You take your time

I wait, you wait
How long this game?
I've got, you've got
It's all the same

Rome wasn't built in 700 days
Tell me why you run away

You've got, I've got
You've got the rest
I've got, you take
I keep the best

You wait, I cry
We move, we play
You've got, I've got
Two paths, one way

The silent words fade and slowly die
There's no need to wonder why

I've got, you look
I give, you take
You've got, I need
I touch, you shake

One word, one chance
You've got to fly
I've got, you've got
One word: goodbye