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Come Away With Me
Pop song, Master (1987), from Two Rivers
I've got a different way to look at things
Let's just step back and try to start it all again
We touch the aeroplanes and light the world on fire
It's just a game

Don't be afraid cause I won't look at you
I feel your heartbeat even when you're nowhere near
We'll ride two river streams that lead to distant lands
There is no fear

Oh, come away with me
Oh, we'll ride the rivers out into the open sea

The world is ours and we can run within
We ride the bumper cars and play the violin
The music sounds so sweet and gentle to my ears
And so begin


I guess I talk in circles
But you seem to agree
I speak the words
They sound absurd to me

We run the dogs and race into July
We ride the red balloon and climb into the sky
We spread our broken wings and soon begin to fly
Just passing by