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Shelter From the Cold
Pop song, Demo (1986), from Outside the Lines
Are you looking for a temporary vacation
Or a permanent new address?
Are you wondering why all this frustration
Will it end in happiness?
You have a way of taking things and turning them around
So sad

Does the daily routine just kind of bring you down
Like you don't know what to do?
Do you think your girl just wants to fool around
But you don't care if it's with you?
You have a way of taking things that turn your mind around
Too bad

'Cause I don't know
Just what the future holds
Have you got something to eat?
Have you got shoes on your feet?
Have you got a shelter from the cold?

Do you want to break out and try for something more
'Cause your days are slipping by?
Does your kind of excitement leave you on the floor
When you really want to fly?
You want to play the little games to move from day to day


It takes a little more
To push from day to day
When you know it doesn't change
The world looks very strange to you