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Two-Way Street
Pop song, Demo (1982), from The Golden Years
How many times must I tell you that you are the only one for me?
And how many times must I say that without you I'd live in misery?
Surely by now you've figured it out that love's a two way street
And I cry in the night
When I think about you
Taking your love to someone else but me

Don't lead me on any longer if you plan to break my heart
The agony of anticipation is tearing me apart
Surely by now you've made the decision to find another guy
Because all I know
Is when we're together
There's nothing, nothing in your eyes

How can I give my love to you
When I'm looking right through you?
How do I know that you want me
When I see that you doubt me?
You should know by now
Love is in everyone you meet
You should know by now
Love is a two-way street

I remember a moonlit night when we danced beneath the stars
When we were together things were much better and all the world was ours
What did I say to turn you away and push us far apart?
Was it the words I said
Or some inaction
That drove me, drove me from your heart?


What I give to you
You don't give back to me
And I can't take a one-way love like that
Tell me girl what I can do
To get some loving back from you
And you know I'll do all that I can