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Shine With Radiant Light
Choral, Sacred, SAB, Advent/Xmas (2000)
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Harp/Cello (Holy Trinity Lutheran Church) 
Piano/Viola (Unitarian Universalist Mtka) 
This recording:

Holy Trinity Adult Choir
Lowell Prescott, Conducting
Andrea Stern, Harp
Laura Sewell, Cello

Recorded at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Minneapolis
December 18, 2011
This recording:

UUCM Choir
Robert Reed, Conducting
Leslie Mallery, Piano
Juliana Day, Viola

Recorded at Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka
Minnetonka, Minnesota
November 12, 2000
Shine with radiant light
Within your earthly circle
Understanding not

Shine with radiant light
In the soft and surrounding
Mystery of All