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Feel It (Burn)
I don't care what's happening
Across the room from me
I got a mind, I got some time
And a sense of creativity
You can kick and you can scream
You can plead your case
But don't go messin with a piece of my mind
Or you'll find this in your face

Feel it (burn)

You got a beat up car and a big guitar
And the fastest fingers I know
But you can't be proud cuz you can't play loud
And your monkey steals the show
Keep movin your fingers up and down
Now don't that feel real good?
You can rest your mind cuz you won't go blind
And you're doing the same thing that your monkey would

Feel it (burn)

Move it down, slowly now
She is waiting near
You'll go far with that guitar
At least that's what I think she wants to hear

I don't know what's happening
Across the world from me
We all get paid, we all get laid
And pay the price: brutality
Now you may sleep right through the night
Or maybe have some luck
But it seems to me there ain't nothing free
And there's gotta be more to life than a really good fuck

Feel it (burn)